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Put simply a heat pump takes the available heat from the air surrounding a property and increases it to a more useful temperature for use in the home.

This renewable source of heat can be used to create warm air or water (for space and central heating) as well as hot water (for both central heating and domestic hot water supply).

It achieves this by taking the same principle that allows a fridge to cool your groceries and by utilizing it in reverse.

A heat pump operates in the following way:

1- The source of heat, which can be outside air or a water mix which is contained within ground collectors, is either blown or pumped over the heat exchange surface of the outside part of the heat pump.

2- This heat (although cold in comparison to a homes internal air) is warm enough to cause the special refrigerant liquid to evaporate and turn into a gas.

3- This gas is then put through a compressor which increases the pressure of the gas, a factor that causes its temperature to rise. For example you may have noticed that a bicycle pump, gets warm when it is used, the gasses in a heat pump experience the same temperature rise due to compression.

4- The gas (now heated) is passed over the internal heat exchange surface.

This heat can then be either blown around a property or be transferred into a home’s central heating or hot water system.

5- The gas falls in temperature as the heat is transferred into the home and it subsequently returns to a liquid state.

6- The refrigerant returns to the outside heat exchange surface and the process repeats itself until sufficient heat is passed into the home.

The running costs of a heat pump will vary from house type to house type. A well-insulated house built to new building regulation standards will generally be less expensive to run than a gas or oil fired boiler system providing the heating system flow temperatures are kept relatively low, ideally around 40ºC.

A heat pump will be less efficient and more costly to run when generating higher temperatures, either because the house isn’t well insulated, the radiators are insufficiently sized for the lower temperatures or when generating higher temperatures to produce hot water.

A correctly installed and designed heat pump system can produce up to 5 times more heat energy to the home than the electrical energy it consumes.

Mounted on rubber feet outside your home, a heat pump creates a similar level of noise to a fridge, with a maximum output between 42 – 47dB

Each installation is different however a well planned install will usually take around 1 week to complete, this may extend up to 2 weeks if radiators and pipework are needing upgrading.

Every installation is well co-ordinated and discussed with the customer the work areas, your property will be treated with the upmost respect and any disruption kept to a minimum, a full demonstration of your new heat pump and controls will be carried out on completion.