We service and maintain Domestic & Commercial boilers which are fuelled by Gas, LPG, Oil or Electric. We can offer full comprehensive cover for the entire central heating system with unlimited call outs, parts and labour which will ensure that there are no large bills to pay if there are any problems. Part cover options are also available. We will even send an email reminder or SMS notification when your Boiler Service is due.

All makes of boiler are worked on by our expert engineers and we have access to an extensive supply of spare parts. Commercial clients can take advantage of our retainer scheme which for a fixed monthly fee will ensure an engineer will be with you within a 4-hour timeframe to minimilise costly downtime of your heating equipment.

Landlord Safety Inspections
We have extensive experience in carrying out Annual Landlord Gas Safety Inspections and can liaise with agents or tenants directly for the planning process to ensure your legal duties are met. We will even send an email reminder or SMS notification when your Safety Inspection is due.

System Upgrade Works
We carry out all aspects of system upgrade works whether you’re looking to install smart home system controls, radiators, or other controls we got you covered.

Preventative Planned Maintenance (PPM)
Keep your plumbing & heating system operating efficiently and prevent down time with one of our Commercial Maintenance Agreements. Downtime is costly to any business and our maintenance agreements help us ensure that you are up and running 24/7. Proper and timely maintenance are critical to extending the life of your current system, saving you money over the life of your large capital equipment purchases. Pro Heating Services are happy to discuss your current plans with you and show you how we can save you money while maintaining peace of mind.

A power flush is a process carried out by our engineers designed to remove magnetite (sludge) build-up in the boiler, pipes and radiators that make up your central heating system. A power flushing unit sends water through your central-heating system at high velocity to dislodge any build-up of sludge, rust and other debris. This helps to improve the efficiency and lifespan of the boiler and central heating system and prevent breakdowns. As with so many plumbing issues, regular maintenance (including power flushing) is the best way to keep your system in shape.

Our System Cover Packages

Get protected with full system cover from your local heating experts.

We can offer full comprehensive cover for the entire central heating system with unlimited call outs, parts and labour which will ensure that there are no large bills to pay if there are any problems.

Part cover options are also available.

Here is how Full system cover will provide protection for your central heating system:

Full comprehensive annual service of your boiler
Breakdown cover for your boiler and central heating system
Unlimited call outs, parts and labour
Friendly local company with staffed helpline 24 hours, 365 days a year
Full system cover from £18 per month
Boiler and controls cover from £14 per month
Plumbing and Drainage cover for an additional £4 per month

Landlords who wish to go on contract have a choice of 2 types of cover:

Full system cover* and annual CP12 Safety Inspection and Certification from £21 per month, you can also add Plumbing and Drainage cover for an additional £4 per month.
Service cover and annual CP12 safety inspection and certification from £14 per month with any interim breakdown calls capped at £60 plus parts.

*Full system cover applies to boiler only


CALL US ON 0800 9888873 OR 01934 853494

Gas Central Heating Annual Maintenance Agreement


These Terms and Conditions apply to the service and maintenance agreement provided by Pro Heating Services Ltd for your domestic gas central heating system.

1. There are two levels of service offered:

w Full System cover; or
w Boiler and Controls cover.

2. This agreement covers the cost of all parts and labour (including VAT) associated with the repairs required to maintain your system in working order. The repairs covered by the agreement will be determined by the level of service you have chosen.

3. There are no limits to the number of call-outs you may have during the course of this agreement.

4. We will carry out a full annual service of your boiler (subject to manufactures instructions) and an annual inspection of your boiler and central heating system.

5. We will confirm that we can provide fault and breakdown cover either during or shortly after our initial annual inspection.

6. For Landlord cover you will be issued a Gas Safety Certificate on each annual service visit.

7. We do not apply system age limitations providing spare parts are still available.

8. Pro Heating Services Ltd is a GAS SAFE Registered Company and we will maintain your system using suitably qualified engineers.


1. Annual service visits will be carried out on an agreed date during normal working hours between 0800 – 1730 Monday to Friday.

2. Breakdown calls will be treated as a priority.

3. If we agree the breakdown is an emergency, we will respond to it at all times, including at weekends and on public holidays.

4. We aim to provide you with a quality service that fits with your requirements. If for any reason you will not be available for an agreed appointment time, you should contact us at the earliest opportunity to agree an alternative appointment.

5. We can offer 2 hour appointment slots if requested.


1. For new agreements, cover will start 14 days after we accept your application, subject to receipt of payment where applicable. Any repairs required during this 14 day cooling off notice period will be chargeable and are not covered under the terms of this agreement.

2. If your central heating system has any defects or Not to Current Standard (NTCS) issues we will raise a fixed price quotation to carry out the remedial work to bring up to current regulations, once works (if any) have been carried out your agreement will commence immediately.

3. If there are any defects with your central heating system and the quote is issued is not accepted charges will apply less monies already received for any work already carried out. (See charges).

4. Payment must be made monthly by direct debit or as a single payment in advance of your agreement start date.


1. We will provide you with notice of your agreement renewal date and the cost of renewal

2. On renewal we will continue to provide you with cover, subject to receipt of payment where applicable, unless you cancel your agreement.

3. We aim to undertake our annual inspection and service within 28 days of your agreement renewal date.


1. If any charges are applicable due to failure of initial annual service inspection visit the following charges may be applied for any works already carried out (prices are inclusive of VAT)

• Full system cover or boiler controls cover up to £65
• Landlord cover up to £125


Boiler Cover Exclusions

Your agreement does not include the following;

• Removing sludge or hard-water scale from the boiler or system
• Replacing parts that are faulty caused by sludge, scale or corrosion
• Replacing your boiler if it is 7 years old or more and cannot be repaired; more than 10 years old if installed by Pro Heating Services Ltd and you have had a continuous cover agreement for the life of the boiler.
• Repairing or replacing parts of your central heating system and controls that are specifically designed for piped or electric under floor heating
• Replacing any lead pipe work or gas supply in premise
• Resetting of any programmer or time switch due to seasonal changes
• Replacing any batteries in equipment
• A claim which occurs during the period of cover where the home is left unoccupied for more than 30 days
• Repairing faults or clearing physical blockages (blockages such as rubble, sludge and scale, but not air locks) if we have told you permanent repairs or improvements are needed to
• make sure your appliance or system works properly. We will only tell you this if, in our expert opinion, it is necessary.
• Cash alternatives for repair
• Improvements, including work that is needed to bring your system up to current standards.
• You may need to have improvements carried out before we are able to complete other repairs to your system

Plumbing & Drainage Exclusions

• Replacing ceramic discs in taps.
• Replacing taps.
• Replacing bath and shower seals or grouting.
• Repairing or replacing water softeners, shower pumps and mixer valves, combined overflow and pop-up waste mechanism, all electrical hot water pumps and parts of your water system that are designed to increase mains pressure, water filters, swimming pools, decorative garden features, rainwater pipes and guttering, waste disposal units, macerators such as Saniflo.
• Water pipes to or from and in detached outbuildings, fountains, swimming pools, ponds, other decorative garden features, garden taps, treatment plants, rainwater pipes, roofs, guttering or other external property.
• Repairing or unblocking drains outside the internal boundary of your property.
• Repairing or replacing manholes and covers, soakaways, septic tanks, cesspits, treatment plants and their outflow pipes.
• Repairing and replacing lead and steel pipes
• Dealing with temporarily frozen pipes which have not resulted in confirmed damage
• Regular cleaning and descaling of your drains.


We include the cost of getting to your system (parts and labour) up to £1,000 (including VAT) for each job, for example, pipes or wiring buried in walls or ‘built-in’ appliances. We do not include the cost of getting to your system (Parts and Labour) where your system is inaccessible due to a design fault.


We will not include the cost of repairs needed because of design faults (unless we are responsible), or faults which existed before you entered into the agreement and which we could not identify on our first inspection of that particular system or appliance using reasonable care.


We will not include the cost of the repairs relating to damage caused by you or someone else.


Unless we are responsible for it, we will not include loss or damage to property (including any cleaning needed) caused by the appliance , boiler or system breaking down or leaking (for example, damage to furniture caused by water leaks). If we have to dig on your property, we will fill in any holes and leave the surface level but we will not necessarily replace the original surface or construction. Any redecoration that may be needed following our work is your responsibility, unless we have been negligent.


We will not include the cost of repairing faults, or damage caused by freezing weather conditions, subsidence, structural repairs, accident, fire, lightening, explosion, flood or storm. You should check your household insurance to make sure you have enough cover for these risks.


We have access to a central stock of over 90,000 spare parts, so in the event our engineer is unable to repair your boiler with the spare parts carried on the van, we can in the majority of cases obtain the required part the same day, if this is not obtainable the next working day may be the case.


We use our Power Flushing equipment and filters to clean the system to remove Magnetite/sludge and other waste from central heating systems. If we recommend that your system requires cleaning through with Power Flushing we will provide you a quotation to undertake this work. Our engineer will also advise you what other work is needed in order to avoid future problems. We may suggest you correct any design faults that might cause the problem to return. This work can increase the life of your system and improve efficiency.

When a repair is needed due to sludge (for example damage to pump, valves or radiators) and we have not already told you that you need to flush and clean your system with Power Flushing or a similar procedure, we will attempt to carry out a repair (excluding the use of Power Flushing) and will do so at no extra cost.


You can buy a Magnetic filter and scale reducer from us. Once we have installed them, there will be no charge for any future Magnetic filter work that may be needed, as long as you keep a continuous Full System Cover Policy with us at that property. As part of any Annual Service, we will clean the filter on any Magnetic filter you have had installed, whether or not we have installed it.


Cancellation by the Contract Customer
You have the right to cancel any cover either by posting a letter to us or telephoning us within 14 days of the receipt of these terms and conditions. If you cancel during this period, we will refund to you any premium you have paid unless an annual service/first visit inspection has been carried out then charges may apply (see charges). If you subsequently give notice in writing or by telephone to us to cancel this cover other than at the renewal date, such cancellation shall take effect on the date the notice is received or on the date specified in the notice, whichever is the later. Unless you have made a claim in the current cover year, we will give you a refund based on how long is left of any 12-month advance or Direct Debit. Where you have made a claim, we may charge an amount to cover the cost of the services provided up to £150

Cancellation by Us
We may give 14 days, notice of cancellation of this cover by letter to you at your last known address in the following circumstances:
• If You have given false information.
• If you do not make an agreed payment.
• We have advised you that permanent repairs or improvements are needed to make sure
your appliance or system works properly, and you do not follow our advice within a 28 day period of the advice being given. This advice may include replacing your boiler or system.
• If your appliance or system is not on our approved list or we are not reasonably able to find parts to keep your central heating system or appliance working safely.
• If we cancel your cover because we have told you that permanent repairs or improvements are needed, we may offer you another cover with us, for example, one which will not include the parts causing the problem, or does not include the cost of repairs to your system or boiler.


We will always aim to do our best. However, there may be times when things go wrong.
If you have a complaint about any part of our service or your products, please phone us on 0800 9888873 or write to us at: Pro Heating Services Ltd, Langford Road, Langford, N.Somerset, BS40 5HU or Email: lynsey@proheatingservices.co.uk

Q My boiler, appliance or system is old, does my Full System Cover Agreement still cover me?
A There is no age limit on your boiler, appliance or system and it does not matter who installed it, as long as all the essential working parts are available. If some parts are not available, we will let you know.

Q Am I covered for replacement taps?
A Tap repairs are included in your Plumbing Cover Agreement but not replacement taps or replacing ceramic discs in taps. If you need a replacement tap, we can offer to supply and fit one, or fit a tap that you provide, at a discounted cost on both the part and fitting.

Q Isn’t my water company responsible for water supply pipes?
A Most water companies provide free services to their customers and you should always check with your water company what you’re entitled to. As part of your Plumbing & Drainage agreement we will cover any problems from and including the internal stopcock.

Q Why do your engineers recommend changes to my system?
A Our engineers are highly qualified and up to date with the latest technology and laws. If they identify a possible change or improvement to your system, they will only recommend this if, in their expert
opinion, it is necessary.

Q I have a problem with my boiler, but I still have heating. How quickly will the engineer get to me?
A We would normally aim to be with you within 24 Hours of your call, or on a day that suits you.

Q My new Agreement includes a First Service, when will this take place?
A We aim to carry out this service within 28 days from the beginning of your Agreement. However, as we give priority to breakdowns, sometimes it can be later if there is a lot of demand for our services,
especially in colder periods
Q I think my Annual Service is due but I haven’t heard from you.
A On or around the anniversary date of your last Annual Service we will contact you in writing, by email or by phone to arrange a suitable appointment. This may happen earlier or later than you expect if
there has been, or we expect there to be, a lot of demand for breakdown repairs.